May 20, 2010

Château d'Oiron - May 19

The Renaissance style Oiron castle was built in the 16th century and houses a collection of contemporary works.  Like other castles of the Loire, Oiron is an original example of Poitevin architecture.

The ceilings really caught our attention.

A view of the outside from the lead-paned window.

Such beautiful gardens surrounding the château.

This was the type of modern art found within the castle.  It was incongruous to me.

The church in Oiron village, which used to be part of the château, held my attention simply because of the statue of St. Maurice, which was my Dad's name.

After a while, all the churches begin to look alike, so you must look for something to distinguish them from the others.

Crocodiles took on a particular significance during medieval times because the medical practitioners of the day would grind the jaw of the croc, mix it with some other medicinal powders, and use it to ward off fevers.  What it was doing on the wall of the church, I'm not sure.

This door looked particularly ancient.

The kneelers found in front of the pews.

The floor speaks of years and years of usage.

~ AM & OK

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