May 11, 2010

Route Barrée - May 11

We may be on holidays in France, but France is still working.  In fact, the front of our house has been "under construction" since we've arrived, with signage everywhere warning that the street is closed for water and sewer repairs.  Route Barrée translates to Road Closed, but apparently there are some people who do not quite understand the meaning of those words.

This gentleman, convinced that all signage is meant for others than himself, attempted to go through.  When he realized that he had to turn his car, well the results were less than favourable.  No tow-truck could get through, so five men were rounded up and they physically lifted the car out of the hole.  What wonderful entertainment from our front window!

The water lines were changed today and although we missed having water for most of the day, we enjoyed the comings and goings of the workers.

All's well that ends well.  Looks like we'll have our street back within a few days.

~ AM

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