July 14, 2010

Au Revoir France - July 7

Karl reading some German newspapers at the airport.

Flying Executive means a pod to stretch out for the long journey home.

While in our rented home in Thouars, we read a lot of books on art.  This is a quote from Ted Seth Jacobs who wrote Drawing With an Open Mind.

"I would like to thank the flowers and the trees who posed uncomplainingly, various pieces of furniture that gave their opinions about life and art, old streets full of stories, musicians - imagine! - who transform the air as we draw; generous human models, idealistic and courageous dancers, and, since we are all both teachers and students, everybody; but especially my reverent thanks for the incomparable shining gift of life."

We could not express our appreciation more eloquently.

We asked the flowers from the Thouars courtyard to please take a bow.


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