July 5, 2010

Château de Versailles - July 4 (Part I)

The Château de Versailles is the most opulent in all of France. Under Louis XIV, it became the center of political power.
An hour and 40 minutes in line to buy tickets with a 32 degree sun beating on our shoulders.

Another 45 minutes waiting to get in the front door.

The Chapelle Royale.
The first floor was reserved for the royal family and the ground floor for the court.

The beautiful interior is decorated with Corinthian columns and white marble, gilding, and Baroque murals.

The Hall of Mirrors.

Great state occasions were held in this room stretching 233 feet along the west façade. Here in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles was ratified, ending World War I.

The Salon du Sacre is adorned with huge paintings of Napoleon by Jacques-Louis David.

This is the Queen's drawing room, but next to it is her bedroom where she gave birth to the royal children in public view.


The gardens are sumptuous. Geometric paths and shrubberies are features of the gardens.

The Dragon Fountain's centerpiece is a winged monster.

Fountain of Neptune.
Groups of sculptures spray spectacular jets of water in Le Nôtre's 17th-century garden.

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