July 3, 2010

Le Musée de l'air et de l'espace - July 3

What a beautiful museum - but ever so huge! Imagine a hangar that holds 2 Concorde planes plus a few smaller ones. Then think of 8 of those hangars plus all the outside space in between. It's an immense complex with more to see than can be fitted in a day.
A wing very similar to a bird's.
Notice the bat above the plane. (Half of it is taxidermied and half has exposed bones to show the skeletal structure.) It was used as inspiration when developing flying machines.
A busy workshop.
The Montgolfière brothers invented the hot air balloon.
Big motor.

Karl leaning into the motor.

Menacing nose.

The Rafale.

The closest I've ever come to the Concorde.
The Concorde cockpit.

Karl under the landing gear of the Concorde.

If you want to see more photos of planes, let us know. We have about 300 of them from this museum alone.

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