June 6, 2010

Photo pot-pourri

Sometimes our photos just don't fit into any day or category, so we've decided to open this posting which we'll add to as the days go by.

Fish with personalities.

Our favourite "fromager" at the market.  We love Le Petit Pont l'Évêque, Roblechon, Brie, Camembert, Le Petit Livarot, Boursin, etc.

This gentleman never has much to sell, but his eggs are always super fresh. I have to bring my carton and the elastic to hold the cover on or I hear all about the lady from the hospital who no longer brings him bags of elastics.

Reminds me of the beautiful fields of sunflowers we saw in Vénézorbes last year.

When we were having a glass of wine in the courtyard the other night, we heard a big swooshing sound and started to look around to see where it was coming from. All of a sudden, we saw this gorgeous montgolfière (hot air balloon) right on top of us. Karl chased it down till he saw it land.

More photos of Thouars. The first two are the Château and the last is a Thouars street at dusk.

A little bird got caught between the window and the grill of our kitchen so Karl gently guided it out. It was a bit stunned, but it flapped its wings and flew away.

Bécassine, a cartoon character from Britanny.

A sewing shop where they did alterations.  What a well done shadow box!

Some hearts that came to us along the way.

Reminders everywhere of last year's travelling partners!


My friend Margi gave me a book on shrines, so Karl and I thought it would be fun to photograph something similar while in France.  At the end of a week we already had so many photos!

Karl said he would no longer stop to let me take photos since these shrines are most often at a crossroad where traffic is an issue.  He felt that we may be the next ones needing a shrine...  I think we get the idea that there are shrines on many, many corners!

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  1. All this is so wonderful. I love the random pictures, especially the rescue of the little bird. xo M