June 17, 2010

Restaurant Les Années 30 - June 15 (Part III)

After visiting 2 châteaux in one day, we were exhausted and wanted to enjoy a nice dinner.  Chinon, halfway between Amboise and Thouars, still had a restaurant we hadn't tried.  It had been recommended to us  by that delightful woman who owns the Brocante in Chinon's Centre Square.

The theme of the restaurant is from the 30's.

The "mise en bouche" came in 3 parts: a cheese stick to dip in a parsley sauce; little puffs with a "bite"; tartlets with cream cheese mixture topped with dill.

Karl's appy was rabbit in aspic surrounded with grapefruit pieces, raspberry sorbet and a scoop of pâté.  He loved it!

I had the fish appy which included marinated fish, a cod pâté log, and tapinade on a bread wedge.  That choice was also fantastic.

Karl ordered the "sanglier", wild boar in Grand Marnier sauce, with quinoa and veggies.  He loved it so much, found it so tender, that he decided this might be the best meal he's had in France this year!

I had the magret the canard in a reduced cherry sauce.  What looks like fries in the corner are actually sticks of parsnips.  The potatoes came as 3 little croquettes on the side. All the flavours were so concentrated and delicious.

I may be tired, but I'm very happy with my meal.

After the cheese plate, we got our desserts.  Karl had a strawberry mousse on a bed of strawberry coulis with fresh strawberries on top.  He thought it so good that he inhaled it.

I had the raspberry and chantilly between feuilletée.  It was light and airy, a perfect ending to a perfect meal!

But it wasn't the end.  Coffee came with fruit squares and coconut meringues.  An awesome meal!

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