June 30, 2010

Bye-bye Thouars - June 30

We did a final tour of Thouars before saying good-bye.  The weather had changed and with the hot sun, all the flowers were peaking and the gardens were just beautiful!

Garden plots all along the river bank.

The Château de Thouars and the River Thouet.

Horses on the road leading out of town.  We stopped often to pet them.

Our favourite café, just around the corner.

Thomas introduced us to Duhomard, a drink similar to sherry, and to several foreign beers.

The door from La Tremoïlle Street to the inside courtyard of our rented home.

The growth is rich.  You'll find no crack in the stones not filled with a tangle of herbs or moss.  Vines, figs, roses, strawberries, lavender, hydrangea, and so much more!

Three levels of patio, three different tables and chairs.  One can easily follow the sun or the shade, as desired.

The famous keys that we forgot one day...

Karl with his broom and his beer.  He swept the courtyard every day, unless it was raining.  He loved roaming around with scissors and clippers and trimming a little bit here, cutting a wayward branch there.

The flowers right next to the front door.

Welcome to our home away from home!

Our hostess is an artist and this painting of hers took central stage on the main living room wall.  It is also the one she has used as her business card.  To us, it will always be representative of our delightful home in Thouars!  How lucky we were to come across this incredible find.

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